Gifts, Souvenirs, Keepsakes & Mementos

  • 'Iddy Biddy Gift Shop'
    A tiny but gorgeous onsite gift shop that sells local & NZ arts & crafts.
  • Mosaic Birdies ($25 each)
    These little birds are so sweet! Made in the Waikato, these wooden based birds have been mosaiced with vintage china & measure approx 9.5cms beak to tail x 9cms tall. They have a ring on the back for hanging over a nail or tack. $25 each.
  • Animal Heads ($60 each)
    These beautiful wall plaques have been designed & made in the Waikato. They are perfect for a child's room, or any room for the young at heart! These hang over a small nail & each head measures approx 18 x 18cms. Rhino or Deer are $60 each.
  • 'Iddy Biddy Gift Shop'
    Gorgeous little mosaic birds - $25 each.
  • 'Iddy Biddy Gift Shop'
    NZ travel books, pottery, art, coasters, CDs, toiletries, cards, & wine are available for purchase.
  • Lavender Based Toiletries & Sweets
    Massage Oil $10, Talcum Powder $10, Facial/Neck Spritzer $15, Body Lotion $15, Hand Soap $5, Lavender Lollies $8. All products are made in NZ using locally grown lavender!
  • Lotions & Potions For The Skin
    Beautiful lavender-based body products available for purchase. The lavender is sourced locally from a Waikato grower. Hand Wash $15, Body Wash $15, Facial Spritzer $15, Talcum Powder $10, Massage Oil $10, Body Lotion $15, Lip Balm $9.
  • Beautiful Lavender Lip Balm ($9 each)
    A beautiful wee pottle of lip balm that has a bees wax & lavender base. Lovely to use in any weather, the balm soothes & moisturises the lips & under dry or sore nostrils. These make wonderful little gifts, or buy one for yourself to keep in your bag. $9 each
  • Lavender Soap ($5)
    Two lavender hand soaps presented in a purple or white organza bag. Pieces of lavender are evident in each of the soaps; providing a very gentle 'scrub' effect & adding to the subtle smell. The lavender is grown locally in the Waikato. $5 each bag.
  • Lavender Bags ($5 each)
    Perfect wee bags of dried lavender that freshen the air naturally & assist as a sleep aid. Place in a lingerie drawer, in amongst linen, on a bed, under a pillow, or over a clothes hanger. The lavender is grown in the local Waikato area. $5 each.
  • NZ Notebooks & Pen ($6 each)
    Lovely little notebooks made of recycled paper with a matching pen. Pads feature a New Zealand image - $6 each
  • Souvenir Pens ($2)
    A lovely pen from Huntington Stables Retreat Accommodation, to remember your stay in Cambridge, NZ. $2 each
  • NZ Place-mats ($45 a set)
    Set of six place-mats designed & made in NZ. These match the coasters & side plates & make a wonderful gift for the horse lover! ($45 per set of six)
  • Coasters ($25 a set)
    NZ themes, NZ made & designed, these gorgeous sets of coasters make the perfect gift or souvenir. Six in each set. These match the place mats & side plates. $25 for set of coasters.
  • Pottery Ketes ($70 each)
    These are hand-crafted pottery versions of the traditional flax woven Maori baskets. These feature the flower of NZ's beloved native tree, the Pohutakawa. These ketes are purely ornamental but could hold cards, letters, dried flowers etc. These are the same as those displayed in the North & South Stables, & are crafted by Cambridge potter Jo Beckett. 15.5cms wide x 19 high - $70 each.
  • Quirky Birdies ($40)
    These hand-crafted pottery birds are made by highly respected Cambridge potter, Jo Beckett. These make a wonderful addition to the garden or inside the home. With holes in the bottom for a nail or steel pipe, these quirky little birds look great sitting atop a gate, fence-post, amongst the flowers, vegetables, or in a potted plant! 18 x 9 cms - $40 each
  • Pottery Tui ($45 each)
    These hand-crafted pottery Tuis are a quirky take on one of NZ's most beloved native birds. These have a hole underneath to mount on a nail or steel pole. Suitable for indoors or outside on a fence post, wall, garden etc. The one in the photo is hanging on a nail in a tree. 17 cms x 7.5 - $45 each
  • 'Iddy Biddy Gift Shop'
    Art by Santie Cronje, pottery by Jo Beckett, Rhino & Deer heads by Millie J Design.