How You Can Help

Conserve Water & Power 

  • If you only have a few dishes, please wash them by hand instead of using the dishwasher.  Alternatively, leave them on the bench for us to wash during our daily maid service.
  • Please be mindful of water use - when showering, bathing, or leaving taps running.
  • Re-use towels & other linen:  hang them to dry on the rack outside or inside near the window.  If very wet, we will dry them for you.  
  • Turn off the heat pump, lights, iron, bathroom heater/fan, oven, microwave, television, towel-rail, electric blanket & appliances when not in use.  Stand By mode will reduce power usage & fire risk!
  • Please do not have the towel rail switched on with nothing on it!

Recycle & Compost

  • Leave food scraps to the side so we can compost or give to the chooks.
  • Place glass, plastic, & cans in recycle bin, or leave on the bench for room service to remove.

Please be advised that should you go out for the day & appliances are left on (including fans, heaters, towel rails), we will turn these off when we service your room. However, as part of our evening 'turn down' service, we will switch lamps on for your return to the room. Again we thank you for your cooperation & assistance in reducing waste! .

Huntington_Stables_Environmental_Policy.pdf (Size: 129.38 KB)

Posted: Mon 28 Jul 2014

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