Rolled oats are the main ingredient then it's entirely up to you what you add and how much of each.  Amounts given are approximate and can be more or less according to your own taste.  Be careful not to use too much oil or juice.  The juice can be any brand or flavour.  I've based the amounts on a 750gm bag of rolled oats (I use the larger shaped oats), but of course you can make less to suit your needs.   The ingredients can be made up of all or some of these below.  You will need two bowls - one large bowl for the ingredients that get toasted, and a smaller bowl for the dried fruits (which do not get toasted):  

In the large bowl add the following:

Rolled Oats 750gm bag Sesame Seeds - half a cup 
Pumpkin or Pepita Seeds - half a cup Sunflower Seeds - half a cup
Almonds (chopped) - a handful Hazelnuts (chopped) - a handful
Coconut (thread style) - one cup Vanilla Essence - 2 capfuls
Canola Oil - 2 tablespoons
(just enough to slightly dampen)
Fruit Juice - half to one cup of juice
(just enough to slightly dampen) 

Mix together.  Cover two baking trays with tin foil, then place enough mixture on trays to toast lightly in oven - 160 degrees, 10 minutes, then swap the trays around to ensure evenly toasted, for about 8 minutes.  When toasted to your preference, place the muesli into a larger bowl or pot.  Add a half cup of raw sugar (optional).   

In the smaller bowl add the following dried fruit - according to your own taste.  I use approximately half a cup of each: 

Raisins, Sultanas, Currents, Cranberries, Banana Chips, Dried Apricots (chopped), Dried Strawberries (chopped). 

Finally, add the dried fruit to the cooled toasted mix. 

Will stay fresh in sealed plastic container - enjoy!




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Posted: Sat 26 Jul 2014