~ Here at Huntington Stables Retreat we strive to live more 'mindfully' & take our 'Environmental Responsibility' initiatives seriously.  As part of this endeavour & our love of animals, we have created Bird Rescue Cambridge: a safe-haven for any bird that requires rest & recuperation, babies that need rearing & release, or the re-homing of surrendered domestic birds.  At this stage we are a small facility, with an outdoor aviary & several cages.  The aviary houses birds that require long-term care or cannot be released into the wild, including 'Luna' an albino sparrow, & several zebra finches.  The cages provide a safe place for birds before being released.  The breeding season results in larger numbers of birds needing help, which is evident in Spring & Summer, with much less during Autumn & Winter.  If you are a 'bird lover' & would like to know more about what we do, please go to our Facebook page:

As a result of our love of birds we are very fortunate to have a large variety visiting the property.  Naturally numbers change with the different seasons, but from your room you should be able to hear & see Tuis, Waxeyes, Fantails, Ring-necked Doves, Rosellas, Finches, Sparrows, Pukekos, Hawks, Blackbirds, Kingfishers, Thrush, Starlings, & Myna's.  Occasionally we have Quails, Pheasants, & Partridges visit our property, while in the hills you will hear Turkeys & the exotic call of Peacocks.