Here at Huntington Stables Retreat Accommodation we strive to live more 'mindfully' & take our 'Environmental Responsibility' initiatives seriously. As part of this endeavour, we have created Bird Rescue Cambridge: a safe-haven for any bird that requires rest & recuperation, babies that need rearing & release, or the rehoming of surrendered domestic birds. At this stage we are only a small facility with cages & a small aviary. However, we are hoping to build a large walk-through aviary where birds that can't be released due to injury, can live out their lives in safety with plenty of food & love. As well, locals, guests & helpers will be able to sit inside the aviary to help feed the birds, take photos, observe or learn from them.  With the exciting addition of Luna (the albino sparrow), the aviary will provide her & the other long-term feathered residents with a wonderful, safe home as close to nature as possible. 

As a result of our love of birds we are very fortunate to have a large array visiting the property.  Naturally numbers change with the different seasons, but from your room you should be able to hear & see Tuis, Waxeyes, Fantails, Ring-necked Doves, Rosellas, Finches, Sparrows, Pukekos, Hawks, Blackbirds, Kingfishers, Thrush, Starlings, & Myna's.  Occasionally we have Quails, Pheasants, & Partridges visit, while in the hills you will hear the exotic call of Peacocks.