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  • Posted: Wednesday 3 October 2018
    Our platters are very popular with guests! These are large enough for two people & are perfect for a light lunch, afternoon tea, or as a lighter alternative to an evening meal. A typical platter includes a selection of salami, cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, fruit, dip, bread & butter pickles, & crackers. Teamed with a bottle of wine or a delicious cocktail or two, it is a wonderful way to relax on the deck while taking in the views of the hills beyond. Please note: platters must be ordered ahead of time if wanting one upon arrival, or at least six hours notice if requesting one during your stay. Please let us know ahead of time if you would prefer gluten-free crackers with your platter. ~ Standard Platter & Wine Combo = $75 ~ Standard Platter only = $60 ~ Wine only = $20 (Stables wine: Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc) (Salmon &/or Over the Moon cheeses can be added for extra cost. We have a small selection of Cocktails - prices vary). View full Huntington article
    Posted: Sunday 29 October 2017
    For the safety & welfare of our guests, ourselves & the property, Huntington Stables Retreat is a smoke-free establishment. We must insist on no smoking inside any room, near open doorways or windows. Should you need to smoke, please do this away from the room & other guests. Please use the garden or under the balcony of The Loft. Please take the saucer under the kitchen sink with you for butts & leave it on the table under The Loft or outside your room - we will remove these when we service the rooms. DO NOT take your butts inside the room, & please DO NOT put them in the rubbish! Please take care to extinguish all cigarettes & matches. Many thanks x View full Huntington article
    Posted: Saturday 28 October 2017
    Guests enjoy these toiletries so much that we now have them for sale. They make excellent gifts & are perfect for travelling. These are produced locally using natural ingredients, with lavender grown in Pirongia, Waikato. Pop the Facial Spritzer in the fridge before spraying on face for a refreshing pick me up (smells gorgeous) - keep one in the car or handbag! The Body lotion is a favourite - perfect after a sauna, spa or swim, as is the Talcum Powder - keeping the skin soft & comfortable. View full Huntington article
    Posted: Monday 1 December 2014
    Whilst we endeavour to provide a luxurious experience for our valued guests, we are continually looking for ways to improve our RESPONSIBLE TOURISM performance. We welcome suggestions & ideas from our guests to help us achieve this objective, & we sincerely thank you for considering the environment. As a retreat & with a focus on 'Mindful Living' we actively undertake the following: - to conserve water & power whenever possible. This includes turning off all appliances in rooms when guests are out for the day. This includes heat pumps, air conditioning, fans, music, lamps, & heated towel rails! These are NOT to be left on during the day when you are away from your room. - to encourage the re-using of towels/linen rather than changing them each day of your stay. If wet these will be dried for you, or you are welcome to hang them on the portable towel rack outside on the deck, or bring the rack inside near the window. - to use appliances that are modern & energy efficient. - to use 'on demand' gas water heating. - to recycle & compost whatever we can. All paper, tin, glass & plastic is recycled. Food scraps are composted or given to the chooks who in turn produce delicious eggs! - to use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible. - to produce pure, clean, & delicious drinking water through a top quality, four stage UV filtration system. - to source locally produced goods, & support local businesses/artists. To all guests we ask that you be mindful of waste, water & power! In addition, in a bid to reduce plastic waste, we ask you NOT to bring bottled water - ours is just as good! We truly appreciate your co-operation x View full Huntington article
    Posted: Monday 28 July 2014
    As an alternative to the boxed cereals that make up part of the Continental Breakfast supplies provided in each room, you are welcome to enjoy our delicious Home-made Muesli - a favourite with our guests! If you enjoy it as much as we do then please feel free to print off the recipe so you can make it at home. Rolled oats are the main ingredient then it's entirely up to you what you add & how much of each. This will stay fresh in a sealed plastic container. View full Huntington article
    Posted: Saturday 26 July 2014

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